Wedding Planners: An Expensive Luxury?

Wedding Planner WorkingWhenever someone gets married on a movie or on a TV show, there is always a wedding planner running around with a clipboard, fussing over the tiny details and trying to make the day perfect amid other types of chaos and disaster. The impression we often get is that the wedding planner is for the rich or the famous or is a TV phenomenon but the truth is, there is no reason why not everyone who gets married could hire a wedding planner. And by picking the right one, they can be worth their weight in gold.

What a planner does
The answer to the question of what a wedding planner does is simple – as much as you want them to. There is no commitment to hire a wedding planner to run the entire show because they can be hired to do as much or as little as you want. Potentially, you could hire a wedding planner to sort out all aspects of the wedding, or just arrangements you want help with, like managing your Surrey Wedding Photographer or taking care of all the catering for the wedding and reception. The choice is yours and allows you to keep within your budget while making use of their professional services.

The other answer to the question of what a wedding planner does is that they relieve the stress on the main people involved. Whether this is the bride, her family, the couple or whoever is in charge of organising the big day, hiring a wedding planner relieves the stress, splits up the workload and means that the process can be far more enjoyable.

Finally, wedding planners know the wedding business inside and out. This means you get insider knowledge that can save you money, solve problems before they develop and even have a wedding day that is better than you dreamed it could be.

Picking a wedding planner
So you decide you need that help and expertise but how do you pick one from the many available? Many venues will offer their own in-house wedding planner but this may not be the best option because they will likely favour the venue and their connected businesses. If you want a simple series of connections then this may work great for you but if you want to totally customise the wedding day, consider a neutral wedding planner.

When you start talking to wedding planners, you need to convey your ideas about the wedding. It doesn’t need to be all the specifics as this is what they will do but get across the ideas you have already had. They will also need facts such as your budget, the amount of guests and when you want to get married. Providing them with this information will help you get a feel for the wedding planner and decide if you clicked with them. Did you feel like they listened and understood what you wanted for the day? Did they think they could help deliver it within the budget set? And simply, did you feel comfortable with the person? If the answer is yes to these questions, then you may well have found the perfect wedding planner to help you with your big day.