How to Be a Beautiful Bride

beautiful-brideYou may have put months or even years of planning into your big day and whilst all the plans and arrangements are in place it is time to start thinking about number 1. It is your day after all and you want to look your best, which is why pre-wedding beauty packages (like these offered by our favorite sugaring salon in LA Р, are the best way to get everything you need for your wedding. These treatments can be done as a one-off or you may want to spread them out over a number of weeks, whatever you decide they will certainly have you looking your best!

Facials are the best way to give your skin a deep clean and a boost, they increase circulation and hydrate the skin helping it to look its best. Ideally facials should be spread out every four to six weeks but do not have your facial too close to your wedding as you need to give your skin time to settle down. Two weeks before should do the trick! Continue reading