Planning A Luxury Destination Wedding?

luxury-beach-weddingDestination weddings are becoming ever more popular, with approximately 18% of couples choosing to make their special vows abroad.

The defining factor between a destination wedding and a luxury destination wedding is, of course, how much you’re prepared to spend on everything – from the favours to the photography. However the differences a luxury wedding budget can bring are both important and in some instances, rather surprising. We got some advice from a leading Samui wedding photographer to find out what kind of things you need to think about when you’re planning your luxury destination wedding.

The Practicalities of Destination Weddings

  • Be prepared to think differently:The allure of a destination wedding is primarily because it is unique and exotic. This does mean however, that, depending on destination, you will need to think outside of the box in a few areas (such as the flowers or cake).
  • Book a translator for the wedding ceremony if required.
  • Base your wedding attire on the destination: When picking your wedding dress be sure to keep in mind how well the material will travel, as well as how it will fit with your destinations surroundings. Also bear in mind the temperature for both you and your groom’s outfit, the term blushing bride is not meant to be taken literally.
  • Purchase a quality wedding dress suitcase.
  • Keep the destination seasons in mind: This may require you to make a choice between a specific date, or location. An exotic location booked for that special date becomes slightly less appealing once you realise it’s monsoon season!
  • Organise the music beforehand and take it with you.
  • Find out about the small (but important) details: You should find out about your hotels minimum residency levels (or maximum if you want a larger wedding) for booking. Additionally there are some countries that have a legal requirement for you to stay there for a certain amount of time before you can be legally married.

The differences of a luxury destination wedding

  • The option to hire home and away wedding planners: First and foremost, depending upon your budget, you may be able to hire both a wedding planner that is local to your destination as well as a wedding planner that is based locally to you. This means that you have the benefit of a Wedding planner on call with no language or culture barrier as well as being safe in the knowledge that your destination wedding planner knows all about the relevant laws and cultures of the destination land. The result of which is that you only need worry about remembering your vows.
  • Book the travel through a specialist wedding travel company: By booking through a specialist wedding travel company you can take the stress out of travelling with those little luxuries that makes travelling a pleasure. Enjoy premier boarding lounges, champagne on arrival and luxurious seating to name but a few.
  • Your Luxury wedding guests: With a larger budget you are free to contemplate the guests that may otherwise be unable to attend by negotiating with your venue on accommodation prices, or alternatively you may wish to pay for their accommodation yourself, meaning that all important special guest can be part of your day.
  • More scope for those all important details: With a bigger budget you have greater scope and control over those all important features that make a wedding special. You could consider paying for the travel and accommodation of your chosen cake maker, or pay the premium for those special flowers to be shipped over on an express service.
  • Hotel type, services, facilities and activities: For those planning a luxury destination wedding there are hundreds of hotels that offer specialist services, facilities and activities. There are spa resorts which offer beauty, massage and health treatments, meaning you feel relaxed and at your best before your big day. Or for the more adventurous of you, there are also specialist water sports hotels, which can really mean you spend a unique experience with your guests.

With a bit of luck, you only get married once in your lifetime – so hopefully these tips will help make sure your luxury destination wedding is the perfect start to your new life together.