A Gorgeous Wedding On A Shoestring Budget

It’s well-known that the average cost of a wedding today can easily run well into five figures. So it’s hardly surprising then that, in order to make sure their big day is everything they want it to be, many happy couples end up taking out loans and racking up credit cards to make their wedding day special.

However for those brides that want to start married life in the black, there are plenty of ways that the price of a wedding can be driven down, and with the help of a wedding expert, we’ve gone over a few of them.

Pick An Unusual Date Or Season For Your Wedding Day
If you haven’t yet set the date then you may want to look into dates or seasons that are cheaper; midweek is, of course, cheaper than the weekend, and January and February are months that see considerable discounts.

Don’t Be Afraid To Haggle
From the wedding venue to the DJ, never be afraid to haggle to try and drive down the cost. These services are generally used to people trying to save on the never ending costs of weddings.

Finding The Perfect Dress At A Rock Bottom Price
The average price paid for a wedding dress is a staggering £1300, however savvy brides who know where to shop are saving a small fortune. Try the mainstream auction websites, as well as looking at the specialist, second hand wedding dress websites. Generally speaking you can expect to save around 50% off the RRP.

Consider Hiring For The Boys
For the men in the wedding party (the page boys, groom and best man) hiring their items may make for an attractive, money saving option. There’s plenty of hire shops around, so there’s sure to be something to suit your style and colour theme.

Think About Going For A Buffet
Where once weddings were considerably uptight affairs now they can be more relaxed than ever, and buffets are no longer off limits. In fact in many instances they can work better than a 3 course sit down meal, as people feel free to eat as much as they like, rather than overstuff themselves on huge dinners.

Wedding Photography – An Item Not To Be Scrimped On
If you’ve started to shop around for wedding photography then you may have had a little shock. The fact is, wedding photography doesn’t come cheap, but this doesn’t mean that bride and grooms are getting a raw deal. You need to consider that your photographer is likely to work for longer than 12 hours on the day, and the after editing and sorting through hundreds of photos is many more man hours besides.

Whilst some might offer professional wedding photography prices that are cheaper than the industry standard, this might indicate the photographer is inexperienced, and there’s nothing worse than having a wonderful wedding day, only to receive terrible photos that capture none of your incredible memories.

So wedding photography is about getting the best deal, not the cheapest. So ensure that you get as many quotes as possible, make a short list and then check a few consumer review websites for real world experiences and opinions on the photographers or companies you have left on your list.